The National DDB Club Show 15th October 2011

Judge's Mr Maurice Webb (Males) and Mr Brian Hill (Females)


Best Male and BEST IN SHOW- Redoak Troy at Piechottka

Res Best male- Biggstyme London

Best Puppy male – Ripraw Rayner

Best Female - Lionsriver Vicenza at Harleydeaux

Res Best Female – Vignobles Fleur De Valley

Best Puppy Female and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW – Jerivindi Twinkle

Best Junior – Guevara Devils Dancer

Best Breeder Altha-Teano – Dominic Quigley


Class Results


Class 1 Baby Puppy Male

1 RipRaw Rayner Mr M Wagstaff


Class 2 Puppy Male

•  Tudordogue The Real Macoy Mrs S Block

•  Willsanburg The Hustler with Marndall Miss L Hall

•  Rozeldogue the Hummdinger - Mr B Dunning

•  Boris Big Bear Mrs Hird

•  Jerivindi Camberwell for Bubblebecca - Miss R Drake


Class 3 Junior Male

1 Misstwizzells Maximus Mr N & Mrs A Booth

2 Redluis Majestic Star Mr M White

•  Banzia all Guns Blazing at Harleydeaux Mr K Tonge

•  Ecnalyor Garde Du Corps Miss A Dove

•  Rougedeville The Main Event Mr M Betts


Class 4 Yearling Male

1 Jerivindi Sarge For Abnoba Mr P Malpass

2 Brandoux Tenebreux Avec Bourgoise Mr P Rayns & Miss L Mott

3 Altha-Teanos the Gangster Mr D Quigley


Class 5 Post Graduate Male

1 Emberez Azure Mr S Mead

2 Trueoaks New Year Mr M White

3 Crymygold Lance - Mr E & Mrs A Cierpoil

•  Emberez Extreme Mr M Lomas

5 Vabandogue Warrior Mr T Smith


Class 6 Open Male

1 Redoak Troy at Piechottka - Mr & Mrs Shopland

2 Biggstyme London Mrs S Block

3 Wilsanburg On The Run to Abnoba Mr P Malpass

4 CH OF CH INT, HCH, Tanakajd Szepe Maddox Mrs J Roberts

5Medenapoli Muldoon for Marndall Miss L Hall


Class 7 Baby Puppy Female

1 Emberez Manolo - Mr D Nix

2 Mcdogues Dior with Redluis - Mr P Lewis

3 Armourduke Bam Bam - Mr T Smith

4 Abnoba Hope Rising Mr P Malpass

5 Kelwains Show Off Mr W Smith


Class 8 Puppy Female

1 Jerivindi Twinkle Miss D Joy

2 Altha Teanos Devils Prada Mr D Quigley

3 Tarvensa's Baby Girl Mr S Mead & Miss S Parkin

4 Rubics Le Sixieme Sens Avec Bourgoisie - Mr P Rayns & Miss L Mott

5 Abnoba Make Em Wink Mr p Malpass


Class 9 Junior Female

1 Guervara Devils Dancer - Mr G Payne

2 Misstwizzells Russo Mr N Booth

3 Banzia All Eyes On Me Miss K Samuel

4 Enamors Kallista Zandra Mrs J Goodwin

5 Dentside Shining Star Mr L & Mrs S Robinson


Class 10 Yearling Female

1 Lionsriver Vicenza at Harleydeaux Mr K Tonge

2 Altha Teano's French Connect Mr D Quigley

3 Willsanburg Red Widow At Redluis Mr P Lewis

4 Akaya Angels Delight Mrs K Fields


Class 11 Post Graduate Female

1 Vignobles Fluer De Valley Mr M Lomas

2 Jerivindi Fabulous Pheobe Miss D Joy

3 Trueoaks New Heart Mr M White

4 AlthaTeano's No Need To Cheat - Mr D Quigley

5 Legamme De Vie - Miss S Holmes Gwillium


Class 12 Open Female

1 Rozeldogue Private Dancer at Doobyave Mrs L Smart- Mcmullen

2 IRCH Redoaks Jade's Little Flame at Piechottka Mr & Mrs Shopland

3 Lockerice Elvive at Altha Teano's Mr D Quigley

4 DK CH Savannah Von Nordniedersachen Mr P Rayns & Miss L Mott




Click Here for more photos of the day on Facebook, taken by Lacey Brown