March 2014

Our Club stand at CRUFTS 2014

February 2014

The launch of the HEALTH CHECKS at our Club Open Show was a huge success!!

The Northern Club was pleased to launch the new DDB Health Check scheme that complies with KC guidance for ‘high profile’ breeds.  At our Open Show no less than 37 Dogues took part.  This was a great demonstration of commitment by the DDB community.  The vet’s results were encouraging and will form part of our breed’s feedback to the KC. So thank you everyone who took part.

February 2014

Dear Dogue de Bordeaux Enthusiast, The following link takes you to an important health survey for our breed.

The questionnaire has been developed by an eminent group of vets, who have consulted with the DDB Club of GB and the Northern DDB Club. Please try to find a few minutes to complete the questionnaire.  You can remain completely anonymous.  And you can describe as many of your dogues as you want. This is a great opportunity for the DDB community to share its in-depth knowledge of the breed.

Many thanks

The Northern Dogue De Bordeaux Club

January 2014


Launched at The Northern Dogue De Bordeaux Club’s   Open Show 16th February 2014

The Northern Dogue De Bordeaux Club is taking an active role in the future health of the Dogue De Bordeaux. We are asking all enthusiasts if they would support us by taking part.


A little about the scheme......

In line with KC guidance for breeds on the ‘High Profile’ list, there will be a new initiative in 2014 to provide a health scheme for the Dogue de Bordeaux.

The DDB Health Check will be a visual assessment by a vet.  The examination will be carried out in privacy with only the Dogue’s owner present.  It will not be a case of pass or fail but a grading of 1-5.  The results will provide feedback for the owner and will be used to compile health statistics for the breed.

The vet writes his or her findings on a KC approved form.  The top copy is given to the dogue’s owner.  The first carbon copy is retained by the vet.  The second carbon copy is passed to the DDB Breed Health Co-ordinator.  The copies are kept completely confidential.  They are not sent to the KC.  They are not shared with committees.

The Breed Health Co-ordinator will use the information to build a health database for the breed. This in turn will be used to provide statistics for the KC.  Crucially it will not be possible to determine the identity of any individual dogue from the statistics.

Everyone who takes part in this scheme is making a key contribution to the future well-being of the Dogue de Bordeaux.

Your check up will be paid for by The Northern Dogue De Bordeaux club however this costs the club around £15 per Dogue, so any donations towards these costs would be gratefully received.
If you want more information or simply wish to discuss the scheme please contact one of the following:

Becky Swainston
Northern DDB Club secretary
tel: 0191 5126447

Clive Fray
DDB Breed Health Co-ordinator
tel:  01825 722632

Charlotte McNamara
KC High Profile Breed Co-ordinator

Other News September 2013

Health Questionnaire - We are asking all our members if they can take the time to complete the following questionnaire so we can find out as a club what you would like us to provide in regards to to education and if you can get it back to us before the end of October its gives us the time to act upon the feedback for next year. Download HERE

Please also see HERE for changes to our events as of our October limit show 2014

Calling all Dogue de Bordeaux enthusiasts/owners!!

Please could you take some time to complete the following survey
Its about researching the prevalence of conditions such as Hip Dysplasia between neutered and entire dogues. 
Your help would be greatly appreciated!
Live survey link:

3rd - 4th August 2013

Well we all did it! - We got them to Disneyland!

Thanks to all of you who helped, the bike ride weekend was a huge success!

We would like to say a huge congratulations to all the riders who worked so hard this weekend despite the heat! You are all wonderful people and we would like to thank you all for your support and commitment to this cause. We would also like to let everyone know who has supported us that it was decided unanimously at the bikeride that because once sponsor money is in we will have well exceeded the £9000 trip to Get Them To Disneyland that aside from a few hundred pound that we will donate to Macmillan from the funds, that any over will go direct to the Dix family to use to spend on having quality time with each other. We would just like to thank everyone once again for their support but especially those that made the long journey to the bike ride and of course the massive 25 riders we had both days.

We want to now hand everything over to the Dix family, the paypal account, the email account, the facebook page and then once all sponsor money is in we will give them all the clubs bank statements too so they can see everyone who has helped and sent messages. The weekend was a bigger success than we ever could imagined with thanks to everyone of you that supported this event and the Dix family! Click Here to see details of their special holiday!

A very special lady and member of our committee "Stacy" has been taken seriously ill and we are asking for your support. 3 of our committee have got together to organise a sponsored bike ride and since we announced it we have been overwhelmed that now we have 26 riders taking part!! and so many donations and help from so many people, so thank you everyone who has helped so far you are all wonderful people who care a lot about Stacy and her family.

More information and updates can be found on our Facebook Page "Get Them To Disney" or click the image below for info on how you can help. The Club will be sponsoring pink t-shirts and high viz vests for the ride so now we need someone to sponsor the spandex shorts??? :0)

The Great North East Dogue Walk and Auction in aid of DDB Welfare

6th July from 6pm, The Northern Dogue De Bordeaux Club are sponsoring and supporting The Great North East Dogue Walk and Auction. Some fabulous items to bid on, collars, cushions, dog tags, meals out, toys, treats, photo sessions, caricature sketch. Please follow the link on the clubs Facebook page for more info.

Sponsored Charity walk with proceeds going to Dogue de Bordeaux Welfare. What a great way to raise some much needed funds, meet up with old friends, make some new friends and raise some money!! The walk will be taking place at Wylam Country Park, Wylam, Northumberland on Saturday 6th July at 2pm. If you'd like to take part, please express your interest and request a sponsorship form, at

To take part all you need to do is secure a minimum of £20 sponsorship. On the day there will be a Dogue Fancy Dress competition (£2 entry), a raffle with some fantastic prizes. A very talented caricaturist will be on hand to draw up a funny sketch of you and your dog (payment must be made through paypal before the event).

We also have a 'guess the amount of kibble in the jar, everyone can take part on the day but for people who cant attend you can make your donation of £1 per guess via DDBW Paypal,
Clearly mark your entry with your name and guess.

Dogue de Bordeaux Merchandise will be available on the day.

Northumbrian Water have kindly donated bottles of water to keep everyone, human and canine hydrated on the walk.

Plenty of FREE parking, toilets, café and pub! Not guaranteed, but the ice-cream man is usually about too!

April 2013

We have realised the demand for these beautiful life sized head statues and would like to offer them for sale, we hope to also raise funds for charity at the same time! There are so many worthy causes so we would like it that the buyers can choose their own and we will be sure they get it! If you are interested please contact us on for more information on how to purchase and donate.

We need Dogues to Join Jilly's Jolly Jaunt 10th - 14th June 2013

In June Gavin Robertson, Jilly (Crufts Best in Show winner - CH Soletrader Peek a Boo) and friends will be walking approx 130 miles from the NEC in Birmingham to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London to raise money for both GOSH,DogLost charities and The KC Charitable Trust.

They are trying to incorporate some of the high profile breeds to walk part of the way and they are looking for a DDB and owner who could walk 5 miles. COULD YOU DO IT? please get in touch and let us know! For more details see the website at


March 2013

We would like to thank our members for their continued support to raise funds at our club events. Our last event made it possible for us to donate £75 to Dogue De Bordeaux Welfare and present another £75 to the Dogue De Bordeaux Club of Irelands Welfare fund for Summer at their club match this year (See photos below)

All monies we have raised in the past have all gone to help the Dogue De Bordeaux through the different welfares too and with your support we can continue to do this. The club dont favour any particular welfare as we support them all and if the club can help in anyway we will do all we can. All welfare groups are welcome to come along to raise awareness and funds at all our club events or if they have any appeals please let us know and we will do what we can to help you.

March 2013

We have some fantastic news! The Northern DDB club won Best Club Stand In Working Group at Crufts 2013!
What a great achievement at the UK's most prestigious show. We are over the moon winning this award given we have only been Kennel Club Recognized for a year so to win this so early on is such a positive step for the breed and our Club.

The Kennel Club judged the stands not just on how they looked, we provided visitors with information regarding health issues raised with in the breed, lots of educational information on the breed standard with a in depth look into the history of the breed leading us to why the breed looks how it does this day in age. Education was the key! We would like to thank the Kennel Club for recognizing all the hard work and dedication we put in to the club and we would also like to say a huge thank you all our wonderful committee members for all the hard work they put into representing our breed and making the club the best it can possibly be!
Thank you to Stephen Davis for providing the lovely photo

16th February 2013

The Club held a Breed Judging Seminar with world expert speaker Rafael Malo Alcrudo from Spain - For more photos etc Click Here

7th February 2013


Together with the Dogue De Bordeaux Club of Great Britain we attended the high profile breeds education day at Stoneleigh and overall it was a very productive day. The club were there to give their side to the reasons why our breed is on the high profile list and to give a presentation on the breed. If anyone requires further information it will be on display at our club show on 17th February 2013 also please come and see one of our committee who will be happy to explain the feedback from the event.


AGM - February 16th at Newark Showground - Stanley Sheldon Inner Hall - NottinghamShire - 6pm

For more information please contact Becky on 0191 5126447

17th September 2012

From the Kennel Club

Following on from ourrecent press release the Kennel Club is pleased to remind you that its dedication to education and training sees a series of exciting seminars being hosted atthe Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park,at the end of November. If anyone is interested in attending then they can contact the KC directly or complete and return the delegate attendance form
The seminars are aimed at those responsible for the important health and safety aspects of licensed events and will be run by industry experts.

4th July 2012


Please remember renewals were due in June 2012, membership forms can be downloaded from the club website, please use a new form for your renewal and write at the top of the form “renewal” Payments for membership and renewals can now be made through paypal on the Membership page.

If you let your membership lapse you will need to re-apply to us for a new membership!


Also Please see events page for Updates on our 2 Show event in October


June 2012


With today’s welcome sunshine, and summer fast approaching, the Kennel Club is warning people that they risk cooking their dogs alive if they leave them unattended in a car.

Dogs are extremely sensitive to the heat and should never be left in a car alone, even on a fairly warm or cloudy day. Surprisingly, leaving a car window open or supplying water makes little difference and the dog will suffer, as a car can quickly heat up to around 50°C.

Each year the Kennel Club receives reports of dogs being left in cars, and many incidents where dogs die from heatstroke as a result. The Kennel Club is calling for urgent action to prevent irresponsible dog ownership this summer.

To promote the seriousness of the issue the Kennel Club has produced a three minute video called ‘Don’t Cook your Dog’, which is supported by Dogs Today magazine’s Don’t Cook Your Dog campaign. The video is available through Youtube from today (25th June) and demonstrates how easily dogs can suffer from brain damage, organ failure and death, if left in a hot car.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: “We might not be experiencing a scorching summer but today’s sunshine reminds us that even on fairly warm and cloudy days cars can heat up at an alarming speed that can be fatal to dogs. Every year dogs die traumatic deaths after being left in cars so we urge people to take care when out about with their dogs. Whether in the sun or the shade, cars heat up quickly and it can be unbearable even for us before the air-conditioning comes into effect, never mind for dogs.

“Dogs can only cool down by panting and sweating through their paws, so they will find the heat far worse than humans. Owners must realise that dogs cannot handle heat like we can and that it is never safe to leave the dog in the car alone, whether the windows are open or not.”

The Kennel Club has issued the following advice regarding travelling with your dog during warm weather.


· Consider the weather and your journey in advance, especially if you don’t have air conditioning in your car. Think about whether the journey is absolutely necessary for your dog.

· Plan your journey and check out the Kennel Club’s Open for Dogs site and use the Dog Friendly app to find places that will allow dogs in with you

· Make sure your dog has plenty of space in the car and isn’t squashed or forced to sit in direct sunlight.

· Always make sure there is shade provided: even in an air conditioned car a dog can become too hot if in full sun.

· Make sure plenty of stops are taken with lots of water available to drink.

· Take cold water in a thermos rather than a plastic bottle so it stays cold rather than being lukewarm. Ice cubes are helpful in a thermos for cooling too.


· Leave a dog unattended in a car, even with the window open and water available. Take them out of the car and leave them in a secure, cool place with access to shade and water or take them with you, there are plenty of places that are part of the Kennel Club’s Open for Dogs scheme and will allow dogs in.

· Let your dog take part in unnecessary exertion in hot weather, or stand in exposed sunlight for extended lengths of time.

· Pass by a dog if you see one suffering in a car. Whether it be in a supermarket car park or at a show, make sure you let someone in authority know and if in doubt call the police or the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.

To help avoid the need to leave dogs unattended in cars, the Kennel Club ‘Open for Dogs’ campaign encourages more businesses and services to welcome dogs. Thousands of dog-friendly attractions are listed on the website, making it the ideal way to plan for trips for the whole family including your dog over the forthcoming holiday season. To view the Youtube video ‘Don’t cook your Dog’ visit


22nd May 2012

OUT NOW - "The 2012 DDB Annual"

8th May 2012

The Northern Dogue De Bordeaux club would like to invite judges to apply to us to be included on our B and C lists. We especially need "breed specialists" as we are being contacted by canine societies now on a regular basis. Our breed desperately needs a variation of GOOD judges so please get in touch if you would like to be involved

2012 ANNUAL - Will be available at THE WORLD SHOW IN AUSTRIA

Members and Advertisers can collect their annual at the show if attending. All remaining annuals will be sent out in the post shortly after.

11th April 2012

Coming Out Soon - "The 2012 DDB Annual"

Attracting advertisers World Wide, Our popular publication is sent to hundreds of Bordeaux Enthusiasts and will be sent free to our club members too.
Our packed annual will be due out in May so please contact us as soon as possible to book your advert position in the Annual

Full Page Black and White - £20
Full Page Glossy Colour - £40
x 3 Full Glossy Colour Pages - £90

We invite breeders World Wide to advertise in our breed Annual produced by The Northern Dogue De Bordeaux Club and look forward to any ideas and suggestions any of you may have to make the Annual better year after year.

For more info please email Becky or Sam at

February 2012

We are proud to announce that the club has been APPROVED by the Kennel Club.
We are now a fully Kennel club recognised Dogue De Bordeaux Club.
This is a huge leap for the breed being only the 2nd official club in the UK and hearing that news has made all the hard work worth while!

However we need to let you know that it was our 2nd choice name that was chosen so now the clubs official name is

The committee can't express how delighted we are with the news and want to
thank everyone for your huge support
Can anyone wishing to be on The Northern Dogue De Bordeaux Clubs Judging List please see the link below, please download forms to complete and criteria as soon as possible.

Thank you!




December 2011

Our New rules for the Golden and Silver Cup Awards are on the Events Page

Please note - changes to the Golden and Silver Cup awards are only effective for the 2012 Shows which will be awarded in 2013. Follow the link at the top of the Events page for the current requirements!


28th April 2011

The Club have decided to do a fuller 'Annual' rather than the club mag that was initially intended! It's only going to be published once a year now but will now have lots more content! Its going be the only chance each year to advertise your dogues/kennels with us as we are hoping to make the Annual a "SPECIAL YEARLY FEATURE" for the breed as the Bordeaux enthusiasts dont have anything like this available like other breeds do, so Email us to place your adverts or if you have any other content we could also include and we will make sure we get a glossy annual that you will all look forward to year after year!


8th April 2011

See our new page about the club's judging list

28th March 2011

All results, photos and critiques for our show on 26th March - on the "events" page


16th February 2011

We now have a date and judges set in place for our 2nd show of the year on 15th October 2011. We have 2 very well respected judges, Mr Maurice Webb and Mr Brian Hill, this time from England judging our event.

We are also in the process of arranging a Cardiology talk to help us all as breeders and enthusiasts to understand more the issues connected with heart problems and our breed. We are also making plans for our first show of 2012 and plan to bring in again some well known judges from Europe, more info to follow....


18th January 2011

Our next club show is on the 26th March 2011 at Snaith & District Community and Sports Hall, East Yorkshire (See events page) The entry form is now online. Any problems downloading the form please email us at

We are hoping to make our 2nd show as good if not even better as the first with so many prizes for winners and participants. Our first club show was a huge success because of the support and sponsorship we had from our members and we hope that we get the same this time so we can make the event even more special!

We would like to focus more on raising funds at this event to help the unwanted and abdonned Dogues in the UK and hope again you will offer your support by helping with donating prizes for the raffle and buying lots of tickets. We raised over £230 at the last show and donated to the Scottish and the DBB Welfare and we are hoping to top that amount with your help at our 2nd show.

Thanks and we hope to see you all in March!


4th August 2010

Results of our first club show now online (See events page)

We are also proud to announce that Jesus Sanchez Pardo has accepted our offer to be our club president. We would like to thank him for judging our first club show and for all his support and look forward to working more with him in the future!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our members for their support with our first show, we couldn't have done it all without you! We plan to publish a full report from the day in the forthcoming club magazine.


12th July 2010

Calling all dogs that have made BREED HISTORY! In each edition of our club magazine (1st edition due out in August) we are hoping to include a section on the dogues that have made "HISTORY" for the Dogue De Bordeaux breed in the show ring in the UK and abroad. We are hoping to feature the dogs that need credit for their achievements and would ask all breeders & exhibitors who are members of the club to contact Becky with details of their winning dog along with a high resolution photo so we can include him/her in the coming club magazines. Please email

RAFFLE - We are holding a raffle on the day of the show to raise the much needed funds to help Dogue De Bordeaux Rescue and we are asking anyone that can help with prizes or anything they think that will help us to raise money to get in touch or see us on the day of the show, Thank you!!

We also want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has donated so far for the club show which has enabled us to make sure we have great prizes for all the winners and participants. Thank you!!

5th July 2010

1st Club Mag - Due out August 2010

We are in the process of putting together our first club magazine and would like to ask all members if they have any interesting articles/stories/topics etc to email us at

also anyone wishing to advertise please email Becky at the above email address as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your continued support!

also introducing our .......


With items available such as slobber cloths, T-shirts, Mugs, Ring clips, Keyrings etc we hope to sell these items at our events to enable the club to to raise the funds to keep each event as special as the last! For more information please email us at


25th June 2010 - Introducing a Breeders Class to our first Club Show (Also see Events Page)

All dogs entered must be bred by the same Kennel although they can be owned by other exhibitors

All dogs entered must have been entered and exhibited at the same show

There must be 3 or more entries to qualify for the Breeders Class

Winner will take "THE BEST BREEDER" award

This show will photographed and displayed in

14th June 2010 - We can confirm that at no point will any judge, exhibitor, member etc ever be penalized by the Kennel club for being a part of the club or taking part at any of our events. We are in regular touch with the kennel club and they are very aware of the National Dogue De Bordeaux Club and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all their help. If anyone would like any more information please contact the Canine Activities Department at the Kennel Club who we are sure will be happy to help with any queries.

28th May 2010 - We have a date for our first club event CLICK HERE for full details

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