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Launched at The Northern Dogue De Bordeaux Club’s   Open Show 16th February 2014

The Northern Dogue De Bordeaux Club is taking an active role in the future health of the Dogue De Bordeaux. We are asking all enthusiasts if they would support us by taking part.

THIS IS TOTALLY VOLUNTARY! A little about the scheme......

In line with KC guidance for breeds on the ‘High Profile’ list, there will be a new initiative in 2014 to provide a health scheme for the Dogue de Bordeaux.

The DDB Health Check will be a visual assessment by a vet.  The examination will be carried out in privacy with only the Dogue’s owner present.  It will not be a case of pass or fail but a grading of 1-5.  The results will provide feedback for the owner and will be used to compile health statistics for the breed.

The vet writes his or her findings on a KC approved form.  The top copy is given to the dogue’s owner.  The first carbon copy is retained by the vet.  The second carbon copy is passed to the DDB Breed Health Co-ordinator.  The copies are kept completely confidential.  They are not sent to the KC.  They are not shared with committees.

The Breed Health Co-ordinator will use the information to build a health database for the breed. This in turn will be used to provide statistics for the KC.  Crucially it will not be possible to determine the identity of any individual dogue from the statistics.

Everyone who takes part in this scheme is making a key contribution to the future well-being of the Dogue de Bordeaux.

Your check up will be paid for by The Northern Dogue De Bordeaux club however this costs the club around £15 per Dogue, so any donations towards these costs would be gratefully received.
If you want more information or simply wish to discuss the scheme please contact one of the following:

Becky Swainston
Northern DDB Club secretary
tel: 0191 5126447

Clive Fray
DDB Breed Health Co-ordinator
tel:  01825 722632

Charlotte McNamara
KC High Profile Breed Co-ordinator

Health Questionnaire - We are asking all our members if they can take the time to complete the following questionnaire so we can find out as a club what you would like us to provide in regards to to education and if you can get it back to us before the end of October its gives us the time to act upon the feedback for next year. Download HERE

Calling all Dogue de Bordeaux enthusiasts/owners!!
Please could you take some time to complete the following survey
Its about researching the prevalence of conditions such as Hip Dysplasia between neutered and entire dogues. 
Your help would be greatly appreciated!
Live survey link:


We attended the high profile breeds education day at Stoneleigh and overall it was a very productive day. The club were there to give their side to the reasons why our breed is on the high profile list and to give a presentation on the breed. If anyone requires further information it will be on display at our club show on 17th February 2013 also please come and see one of our committee who will be happy to explain the feedback from the event.

Press Release from the Kennel Club about Dogs in Hot cars

We have included some links below to information about conditions that can be relevant to the Dogue De Bordeaux, we hope you find them helpful!

Click below to see the DDB breed standard
Thinking of buying a puppy?

All puppies are beautiful but please Beware of unethical breeders and puppy farms, breeding only for money! The Dogue De Bordeaux is complicated and difficult enough for the top breeders to breed to the highest standards so dont be tempted by cheap puppies from ad-traders or puppy sales websites. Buy from a a responsible breeder who has a good reputation and will look after you and your puppy for many years to come as problems with this breed dont always show until a puppy starts to mature. Visit the link below for more information if you are thinking about buying a puppy.

DDB Welfares and Rescues

There are a handful of rescues that help the DDB in the UK and The Northern Dogue De Bordeaux Club would like to support them all as much as we can. We have our own welfare fund which is not connected with any rescue organisation directly but will be donated to the different welfares when its needed. If you would like to donate to the fund please use the paypal link below.


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